Joe Cunningham is a Minneapolis-based artist. His mediums are analog and digital photography, analog collage, and sonic experimentation. Formerly a web site designer, Joe gradually transitioned to art over the course of six years before making it his sole focus in 2009 with the founding of Roosterhouse Ideas, a venture born out of collaboration with Karl Noyes, another Minneapolis artist. During the preceeding transitional years, Joe was primarily a street photographer who covered various local music scenes and other subcultures; photoblogging on and off since 2003.

As a part of the Roosterhouse collective, Joe contributes collage works and psychedelic photographs from an iPhone 1 with a curiously damaged imager. His 228 Label grafitti sticker collages are available in an ongoing series of zines available through

Sonic experiments are a more recent development. This began with an ongoing series of punk rock podcasts and spilled over into the creation of soundscapes, drone music, and mind movies for the blind.

He can be contacted here: joecunningham (at)